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Zsuzsanna Ripli


As a result of contemporary lifestyle, people are less and less relaxed even giving up the honest experiences of laughter, joy, happiness or sadness. I think most of them go to the theatre to live these emotions again, and that’s something I really enjoy when working on stage.

The theatre is the place where we, actors and actresses can give people what they really need - we can take them to a world where they can laugh or cry with all their heart. This very experience made me realize that acting was my personal mission. When on stage, I feel the energy of the audience living and moving with me, laughing loudly or holding back their breath right before the closing scene. These are the feelings I like being on stage for.


I laugh and cry, fail and get up,
Lose and find, give and accept,
I change, but remain myself,
Live but at times I die...

Professional studies

2011-2014 Acting – Théba High School of Art, Kazán István Chamber Theatre,

Over the last few years, I've had a chance to play different characters in theater plays, television series and motion pictures.

Roles on stage

2018/2019 Move Over Mrs. Markham
Cast: Miss Wilkinson

2014 The Woolgatherer / A pulóvergyűjtő
Role: Rose. Kazán István Chamber Theatre

2014 Violante and the Judge / Violante és a bíró (monodráma)
Kazán István Kamaraszínház

2013 “Saint Joan” (monodrama)
Kazán István Chamber Theatre

2014 Sweet Five / Édes ötös
Liget Theatre

2013 József Farkas: Confessions / Vallomások (poetic monodrama)
Kazán István Chamber Theatre

2012 József Farkas: Boys of Vigh street / Vigh utcai srácok
Kazán István Chamber Theatre

Ripli-Zsuzsi-Ripli-Zsuzsanna-About-me-05 Ripli-Zsuzsi-Ripli-Zsuzsanna-About-me-06

“Vallomások” stage work

Roles in Movies

2019 Drága Örökösök
(Hungarian sitcom)
Role: Lídia

2017 Kinomechanik
(Mongolian movie)
Role: Soviet soldier

2018 Genezis
(Hungarian fiction, director: Árpád Bogdán)
Role: Gipsy woman

2017/2018 Our Small Village / A mi kis falunk
(Hungarian sitcom, director: Iván Kapitány)
Role: Dóri

2014 Dear Elza! / Drága Elza!
(Hungarian war movie, director: Zoltán Füle)
Role: Zsenyka

2012 Martians / Marslakók
(Hungarian sitcom, director: Gábor Rudas, Ádám Rozgonyi, Balázs Eckhardt)
Role: Éva

2011 Lovemakers / S.O.S. Love - Az egymillió dolláros megbízás
(Hnugarian-American-British-Russian comedy, director: Tamás Sas)
Role: assistant

2010 Ubaldo Terzani Horror Show
(Italian horror movie, director: Alessio Rinaldi)
Role: Erika

1993 – 2001 Small village / Kisváros
(Hungarian comedy, crime, drama, director:
Gábor Várkonyi, Lajos Fazekas, Zsolt Balogh)
Roles: hairdresser, call-girl (figurant)

I am fascinated by the world of stage, I also feel at home in front of the cameras. Television and motion picture shootings are a completely different world compared to the theatre, and I'm happy to take part in both national and international or foreign productions.


“Dear Elza!” werk photo

Commercial roles

2010 Canta tu campaign

2007 Müller yoghurt commercial

2006 Gillette commercial
Hungary, Russia, Eastern Europe

Modeling roles

2012 Max Tonso, Cashmere campaign
Across Europe

2011 Hollywood Milano campaign

2011 Arflex catalogue

2004 Playboy, Playmate Of The Year | Beauty of Origo special Award

Besides acting, I am also delighted to do modeling jobs, hostess work and commercials.


I started acting in 2010 taking part in theatre plays, television series, motion pictures and commercials since then, and as a model I have been involved in fashion and catalogue photo shootings.

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Or write an e-mail to connect@zsuzsannaripli.com